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 Forum Rules

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Forum Rules Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptyFri Oct 28, 2011 6:38 pm

-No Warez (cracked programs, games, music, apps, keygens, patches and etc.)
-No Torrent files /links, or anything related to torrents.
-No selling of IDs /accounts.
-Post in the Appropriate Forum Section.
-When posting a thread, make sure you state your problem or description clearly.
-Do not abuse REP or THANKS function.
-Do not spam - Example: lol,adasdasd234,nc,tq,ty,gj
-Do not flood threads with unnecessary posts.
-Do not double/triple/quadruple post. Edit your previous post if you made a mistake
-Do not abuse any forum errors / glitches / bugs / exploits.
-Do not use 't3h 133t 5p33ch' and 'yo bro ril gansta spich k' and 'jEjEmOhN sZpEaCHz'.
-Do not be racist and do not discriminate others (especially EMOs and BISEXUALs)
-No Flaming - Come on, don't be a kid and flame others.
-No Bumping old threads or dead threads.
-No CAPS – Come on, typing in CAPS are just for kids.
-also applies in chatbox
-No Inappropriate Content /Nudity –18 Images, videos are not allowed.
-Do not use inappropriate avatars and signatures.
-No Reposting of Deleted Threads – If it is posted, you will get a WARN.
-No Irrelevant Advertising - Advertising other sites is strictly not allowed! (there are exceptions)
-No Referral links - Example: Linkbucks, bux.to
-Do not post viruses, malicious tools, harmful files.
-Do not make more than 1 account. - No multiple accounts!

Follow the rules or Banned!
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Forum Rules
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