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 Dah Blinkx0rz

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PostSubject: Dah Blinkx0rz   Sat Oct 29, 2011 3:22 pm

Do you like blinky blinky? Blinkx0rz? Come on, you'll love this! This is a tool that will randomly blink your cursor over your active screen!

1) Enter your desired Blinkingz Rate (Or just select the default set values).
2) Choose a hotkey each for Blinkzzzzzzzz and Stopzzzzzzzz.
3) Click the 'Initialise' button.
4) Tap on the hotkey you chose for Blinkz Nowz to start the blink and on the hotkey you selected for Stopz Nowz to stop blinking.
5) Click the 'Click to change hotkeys' button if you want to change hotkeys and do steps 1-4.

Note 1:
Please do not choose the same hotkey for both Blinkz Nowz and Stopz Nowz.

Note 2:
For the Blinkingz Rate, you can only input Numbers; Or there will be an error.

Click to Download!

Virus Scan

Website: http://xPassWarez.yolasite.com (Source)

Updated to v2.00!
-> Added 'milliseconds' beside Blinkingz Rate.

And as the sky meets the earth, our time shall come.
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Dah Blinkx0rz
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